I'm not sure how to read this situation...

The morning after we met, he sent me a text. He said he'd had a good night, etc. I had given him my number, he hadn't given me his.

A few days later, I ran into him again. My cousin was bar tending, and I went down to visit her. He had never been in my town in the bar before, at least not any time recently. We hung out and flirted a lot, and he kissed me when he left.

I texted him the next day, we chatted briefly about him being out fishing; what he caught, etc. A few days later I texted him again. We chatted for a little over an hour until he had to be to work. We talked mostly about his job/work. He elaborated his answers, and "laughed" and used smiley faces. But, he never asked anything about me. :/ I hoped to hear from him the next day or something, but now it's been 2 days and I haven't heard from him.

I'm not sure what to think. When I've been around him, he really seemed interested. And, when I do text him, he's not short with me, and always responds. Is him not texting me first a tell tale that he's not interested? Should I try texting him first again? Or, should I wait on him? If so, how long, and then what? Help?


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  • Texting etiquette seems to be a pretty inexact science. It gets even more so with guys, especially older ones. For example, I don't text because I much prefer other modes of communication. While it's possibility, you shouldn't assume disinterest on not texting alone. He may not expect to be initiating this. Perhaps you should see if he is more comfortable and more thoughtful on the phone.


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  • Texting doesn't signify anything. What he does in person is more important.


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  • Happened to me before. The guy does seem he's interested when I'm around, but he doesn't really contact me first. So I assume that he's interested but only when we meet face to face, other than that I don't think he thinks of me. Try texting him just one more time and then give it a while to see if he's going to text you. If he's interested he'll get to you either its through texting or something else.

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