Does he like me as a friend? Or does he like me as a girlfriend?

So this guy I have know since March has been texting me and he has never acted flirty in our text messages. They are very funny, goofy texts, but I was more flirty. However at parties and stuff he is flirty with me. He hit on me just recently when we went to a concert together, however he was still awkward even when he was drunk. We weren't alone with each other until later in the night and it was only for like 15 minutes. We went with a group of people, and he was like stand offish with me, but he was nice, but barely spoke to me through the whole concert, but when it was just me and him, he was still awkward even though he was drunk, and he has a very bold personality so that was weird. However, he kept on taping my shoulder, and saying something, and I didn't hear what he said so I said "What?" He said "Nevermind" I said "No really I didn't hear what you said" He said awkwardly "I said we should have sex in the middle of the crowd!" And then he looked away, and I said "Hahaha, yeah we should!" He then looked away again.

He then put his arm around me and started to sway with me, and we were doing this awkward dance, lol! And then he stopped, and said he had to pee, and so I went with him to the porter potty, and he said you have to come in here with me, and I said (laughing) Sam we can't fit in there!

Our friends came back, and he was still awkward. Then 2 nights later I texted him cause he posted on his Facebook that his Pap had a heart attack and he was at the hospital. I texted him like 5 hours later and said "Hey I hope evrything is OK, I heard about your pap!" He then called me and I picked up and he said "Who is this?" I said "It's Amy!" He said "Oh, Hey Amy, I got a new phone, I lost everyones number" He then went on about his grandfather saying he is in stable condition. Then he went on another subject, and it was about his ex, and he was saying how crazy she is, and he was telling me how she insulted him cause he went in the ambulance, and apparently she got mad cause he was suppose to watch his baby that day, but an emergency occured, and he couldn't see his baby. So she sent him vicious texts, and he was telling me all about it.

We aren't really friends. He works with my dad, and that's how I know him. We kinda are acquaintances, and he was telling me something personal about his ex, and I really don't know him even though we knew each other since March. We never actually hung out regularly. Does he look at me a friend? I was playing psychologist quit a bit with him, when he was talking about other things, and he really didn't have a reaction. I do give him responses that are different than what he is use to. I am not likealot of girls, but I can't tell if he likes me or not? Like I said he is never sexual through texts, only those times when he is drunk he will be flirty with me, but Idk. :(

Btw, he was very bold and boisterous with me before and it seemed that as time went on he went from being boisterous and flirty, and bold with me, to kinda awkward, and shyish. That doesn't make sense to me? I don't know if he really likes me? Or is just treating me like a friend? Or if he doesn't like me at all? What do you think?


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  • He's quite into you. I say that because he's revealing himself into you and wants to be with you.

    If I would choose something, it would be like as a girlfriend.

    • Thanks a lot for commenting! Well it's great to have a guy's perspective on this, so I will take this into consideration. Thanks! :)

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