Can a girl be so busy she won't call?

i am dating a girl who travels oftens and maybe see her once a week at this point.

the last 2 weeks when she has come to town she has had plans

with friends although she squeezed me in during that time.

when she is away she doesn't initiate the calling or text but when I do she replies fast and we talk.

when she last came to town she contact me to go out.

is it possible she is so busy she can't talk at all?

i notice she also appears on the dating site we met..once in a while..

i think she is making an effort. she did admit her reasons for being so busy..1 friend was in town after 6 months,...another was a roommate moving out and a birthday party for another..she had 3 days to do all that.

i kind of feel that her not contacting me while she's away is bad..just to say a 'hi' is all


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  • When I first dating my boyfriend, I never initiated any call/text.

    He was always the one who initiates. Still most time he initiates first.

    Not that I wasn't interested enough, I even loved to hear from him, but I just didn't want to bother him and I was also doing my things, and I'm not really a big phone person talking about my life on the phone..

    She still makes time to see you and replies you fast. Those are good signs.

    If she wasn't, she wouldn't squeeze her time and always reply you.

    If you so worried, stop call for one or two days

    Or you can just ask her. She wouldn't think you are being clingy if she likes you.


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  • Ask her, how she doesn't initiate sometimes. That's what a guy asked me. Kind of hurt him that he was the only one reaching out and I felt bad about it, so I initiated sometimes.

    I wouldn't take this girl seriously especially since she is on the dating website.

  • Highly unlikely that ANYONE is too busy to even call for 2 minutes. I also don't think a healthy relationship should revolve around her "squeezing you in" A girl who values you enough will defenitely make more time for you and maybe try to squeeze in her friends when she visits.

    I am not an expert or anything but I do know how us girls act when we only like someones company marginally more than being bored or alone..

    Either she should initiate a conversation with you once in a while or you should move on swiftly to someone who values your company.

  • There is no one in this world too busy to make a call or send a message , it is all about priorities !

    Maybe she just playing the hard to get and want you to chase her , and to be the one who always initiate to make sure you like her a lot or maybe she is just not too into it!

    BUT ! being on the datting site is NOT A GOOD SIGN! Seriously , for me it is an alarm signal, why would she be on a datting site if she is already dating you , just saying !

  • In that case, maybe try telling her that it bothers you and that is not the kind of relationship you are looking to have in the long term. If she IS making an effort and she does care she will certainly make an effort, even if it is just calling to say goodnight before bed.

    • we are dating..she wants a serious relationship..(im not sure with me yet) and her job takes her across the country for days. once she called me while she was away..but only in reply to my text.

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  • It seems she's making some sort of an effort. Although if it's not what you're after (i.e. you want more time) - then it might be worth it to look elsewhere.