What kind of kissing do girls like from a guy?

I have a girlfriend but we are just new, dating only for 2 weeks :) From now on, I want to kiss her lips and her breasts but I hesitate about her against-reaction so I am thinking that, I must wait for passing a time. What kind of kissing do you like? Tongue action, inhale air inside during kissing or more? Besides I don't want to decide suddenly but I can't control by myself at a moment, I want to kiss her and lick everywhere in her body... Offf I am in the bad situation so can anyone give me any suggestions about how to kiss her best ?


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  • This is completely dependent upon the girl and what she prefers. Just try different techniques and see how she responds to each. You can always ask her in the moment, too. "What do you like better? This...or this?"

    • ohh thanksso can I lick or kiss her breasts ? or not ? I want to do it so much but I am hesitated about her against reaction...

    • Of course you can lol. For some girls (me included) it doesn't really do much, but seeing how turned on it makes my boyfriend is worth it.

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  • neck kisses are the best!


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  • Lick her face