I wanted an Indian girls opinion on my dating profile. I hope to get positive feedback.

I tried to be true to myself and of who I am on this. I'm asking for some help because it isn't getting the attention from the girls I want. -- See Below.

Roller coaster rides or sky diving?

Okay sometimes life has to be serious.

Im a talkative person so lets just hope you have the stamina to keep things interesting. Gota busy life? We all do, but this is about balancing it.

I was born here, but I am very cultured. I come from a very tight knit, educated family.

Ive probably seen more Bollywood films than the average Mumbai resident. I speak Hindi and Gujarati with a perfect (albeit slightly American) accent which is good for a laugh when we're visiting family

Im an engineer in the construction industry with the goal of working on skyscraper projects. I would like to wander the streets of Manhattan with you while looking straight up at the architecture, and then finishing off the day with a 5-Star picnic crafted by me to be devoured in Central Park.

Fresh naan cooked in a home made tandoor, malai kofta or egg burji (all made by my own blend of spices) anyone? Don't worry I can cook Mexican, Chinese, and Italian equally well. I have been cooking for over 10 years now. Do you think you can cook better?

Want to come with me to the Coliseum? I've already been there but I would definitely go again. I've seen all there is to see in the US, in India, and gone beyond: Greece, Turkey, and The Caribbean Islands were amazing.

Still, I'm just getting started, and I hate to travel alone, so make sure your passport has a few pages available for stamps.

Wait, so what do I bring to a relationship? Talk to me and find out.


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  • Your profile looks good though it's a bit long


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