I've given up on dating on who I like, should I do this?

I'm 23 east Indian light skinned though not how you generally picture most Indians. I'm around 5 feet 6 and weigh about 170 lbs. I can't seem to loose the weight though medical issue but I still keep active go to the gym do activities. Most friends are shocked when I tell them my weight I look between 140-150lbs because I have a medium bone structure 36 DD bust and sort of a curvy butt too.

I have medium to long dark black hair. I get complimented on my eye shape and lashes and teeth/smile the most.

I don't dress to show off my bust because I battled skin issues and had scars. I dress nicely and put together put natural foundation/make up on and have my eyes done nicely.

However, I'm 23 not even had my first kiss. Only dates I've been on was from online dating site. Which were four of them all first dates and all with white guys. I live in Toronto so its a pretty cultured city and a lot of interracial dating so I don't think culture played a part in them not liking me. I've been rejected and rejected by white guys who first show interested ask me out and then want to bail during the date. On the online sites I don't have my picture posted so I send a few pics to guys that ask (I've msged the white guys first because I don't have pics up) maybe 50-60 percent reply back and then most of them loose interest.

I hate liking how white guys look. I can't help it. Literally 98% of the crushes I've had in my life have all been white guys. I'm very very rarely into to Indian guys. However I do find their personalities more easier to relate to than white guys. When I talk to these white guys (most of my interactions with them are from online) I find them boring. I don't mean to be racist here sorry. I have two guy friends that are white but the rest are either black or Indian.

I'm a virgin obviously and I have watched adult videos of curiousity and seriously I only look for ones with white guy adult stars I find attractive. I can't even watch an Indian get it on with a girl on screen. I can't even imagine one doing things to me, I get grossed out.

However, I went online and tried to find an Indian guy who I was even the slighest bit attracted to and try to start something there. The white guys I've talked to stop msging me either via text or online. One guy even bailed on a date (he was very smart, goodlooking and said he was getting a lot of msgs). And I ask him to reschedule twice and he hasn't msged me back.

So should I force myself to date a different ethincity (my own) even though I'm not really attracted? Girls especially what do you think?


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  • You can't help what you like and what you want.We all have likes and dislikes when it comes to everything including dating. I think you should never settle.But at the same time I think you should be open minded. I think part of the reason why it's hard for you to fidn osmebody is because your a virgin. Do you tell guys your a virgin? Also you have a dating preference which is alright.Everybody is free to date what they like. I think you just have to find white guys that are open to interacial dating and that can accept you for you.It seems like a lot of the guys you talk to seem to be just as picky as girls. If you did decided to date a different race or ethnicity, don't force yourself to do it if you don't want to. I think it should be something that you would be open to doing or even if it made you happy trying out. Race is not an issue for me. I think the main issue is how picky people are. I think eventually you will find what you are looking for.Their is plenty of dating sites.Just don't give up hope.

  • You shouldn't try to go online dating. The best way to find a guy is through your social circle. Ask your friends for some introductions


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