Okay...so there's this guy that I like and...

hey..i am 16 years old. So there's this guy that is my friends bf's older brother. He seems really cute and nice. He and I like all the same things. So there's a age difference...3 years I think to be exact...for a 16 year old I don't know if that's big. Well my friend talked to him and he said he really wants to meet me and I seem really cool. The only problem is there is a girl in his drama class that likes him but he says nothing is happening so he I think is going to talk to her about it. So what should I do?...should I just wait or talk to my friend and tell him to text me if he wants


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  • I would just have her tell him to give you a call. Don't text its that much more less personal. Anyone can shoot a text. Calling someone you actually have to take the time out of your day to do so.

  • i think that you should talk to him cause the years almost over take a chance

    ps:can you help with mine :)

    • So should I just ask my friend to give him my number and vise versa and tell him to talk to me?

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    • I don't know if he likes me like that now...but in the future maybe...ya I will take a chance :D

    • Take sometime to get to know him and find out if he does