Guys. how long after meting a woman you are interested in, would you want her to kiss you?

whats too soon. what's too long.

Question is either too long or too short.

im asking how long from the time you meet. in terms of days or weeks or months.


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  • Actually there is no set time for me on when I want what to happen. She can kiss me the first day we meet, but depending on the tone or context it might change the way I think about it. That's actually the important part in this. Reading the mood. Does it fit there, or not? It's a judgment call.

    Sorry I can't be more specific.

    • thats pretty specific, thanks:)

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    • Oh good. A fellow cynic, like me.

    • lol ;)

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  • If it is a girl I am interested in than the first date is fine. Doesn't have to be making out just a normal kiss haha

    • what if you have not dated yet. but have hung out for a while. do you have to date first? and if not how 'long' would you want to wait?

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    • oh thank you . we've already kissed. I was just curious ;)

    • Oh well good :P

  • well I would prefer to do it myself, but if that wasn't an option, ASAP!

  • I gentle kiss on the cheek is fine on the first date, second date latest. As for making out?; 3rd or 4th date maybe?

    • what if you guys haven't gone and dates. just hung out? does she have to wait for a date?

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    • hmm.. I don't think I know the difference. I mean I've never pecked anyone on the cheek.

      kissing isn't really sexual for me, its more of a sensual thing.

      but I don't really get anything out of it if it doesn't last long. I like to melt into it for a while till I'm not thinking about anything else. I had just assumed lengthy kisses become sexual for guys by default. a peck doesn't seem long enough to count as affection.

      idk I made several assumptions I should nothave as its your answer. not mine

    • Well, I guess I was thinking of how you would kiss hello/goodbye an aunt or a grandma. A simple token of affection versus kissing on the lips, which is obviously more than affection. Sorry if I confused the whole thing! LOL.

  • I'm an old fashioned guy, so I stick by the 3rd date rule usually. However, if a girl seems interested in kissing before that point, and I really like her, I'll kiss her sooner.

    • im asking about her kissing you.

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    • As soon as she wants to after realizing she has feeling for me. I'm not picky.

    • cool.thanks.

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