I'm almost sure he's falling for me... but he doesn't contact me everyday

He likes me I like him, we've been dating for a month (not exclusively yet)... We end each date making plans for our next date and with him texting me after to say it was great.. He keeps a toothbrush for me at his place (we have had sleep overs w/fooling around but not sex). He takes me out to really nice places when we go out and treats me so well.. He hasn't started to contact me everyday yet though, we mostly text each other and it's usually brief and on 3-4 days of the week (we go on 1-2 dates a week). I make sure to always end the date a little earlier than him and I 90% of the time wait for him to send the initial text but I'm very flirty so that he doesn't get the idea that I'm not as into it... Guys when do you usually start to contact a girl every day/ get more attached? I just don't want to get pushy while were only dating and I like that he is good at planning our dates it makes me feel special :)


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  • Distance is good maybe he doesn't want the spark to go away. Or maybe he is pretty busy. If you both are comfortable with each other just ask him. I wouldn't stress about it too much though if things are going good just enjoy them and don't worry bout the small stuff. It's still early in the relationship too so Maybe give it a little time. Me and my girlfriend were best friends before we dated so we already texted all the time. Hope this helps. Good luck :)


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  • A bit of distance isn't a bad thing.He probably wants take things slow so don't sweat it if he doesn't contact you everyday.If you did you would have literally have nothing to talk about.