What do you prefer in dating site responses?

If you send an initial message to someone on a dating site, which would you prefer they do if they are not interested in you?

Also, on the flip side, which do you do when you are not interested in the person who initiates contact with you? Do you politely decline or ignore?

(Personally, I don't like being ignored. I think it's rude. So I always respond to every message I receive. If they took the time to write me, then I can at least take the time to acknowledge their effort.)

  • I like getting at least some sort of response, positive or negative.
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  • I can't handle reading rejection, I don't want them writing me at all if they're not interested.
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  • I don't care whether they respond or not.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I can handle rejection and I hate to be left hanging so I prefer to be told I am not into you.


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What Guys Said 1

  • if they weren't interested I wouldn't feel a need to hear back from them , not replying is OK if they aren't at all interested .

    if I got a message from a girl and wasn't interested in her at all , I'm not sure I'd bother saying anything to her , I'd likely just ignore the message


What Girls Said 2

  • I try to respond to all the messages I receive, unless the guy is sexually explicit. But I don't care if guys message me back. I don't know them, so it isn't really an emotionally charged situation yet.

    • Yeah, I don't respond to vulgarity or rudeness either. And sadly, once when I sent a rejection back the guy responded with, "must be a nigga lover". He was obviously someone who could not handle rejection even from a stranger. I didn't respond, just blocked.

  • Just a message saying they rejected me