Too cute and then too cold

Me and my going to be fiance (it's arranged-marriage) have been talking on the phone everyday, texting all the time, we see each other only on family gatherings. But our chemistry is great! He told me a few days ago that he has started to feel for me, but I did'nt say anything and smiled, I am very happy, and I like him but I have'nt told him yet.

He is like a dream come true, but suddenly he has distant himself! He do call me, texts me first everyday but there is something weird which I can't understand. Maybe he has a lot of work load, maybe some family problem or maybe he is mad at me. I really want to figure out the problem, but how?

Why on earth a guy has to act all of a sudden so weird when the girl is actually enjoying her life to the fullest. ? Please pleaseeeee pleassseee, tell me what to do, he has been acting like this for 3 days!


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  • Many different kinds of things could bring about a sudden change like. Have you asked him if anything is wrong? Assuming that you asked and that he insists that all is fine, it is difficult to pursue it by text or phone. Pushing him on this might aggravate the problem whether it is related to you or not. Given your unique situation, is there a friend or family member of his that you can discretely confide in about this? That person should not tell him that you spoke but simple approach him and suggest that something doesn’t seem right with him. This is almost certainly true since whatever is affecting him with you is bound to be affecting him more generally.

    • Thanks a lot for your reply. He did called me thrice yesterday. I talked with my mom about it, she told me that he has way too much work load. I really don't want to ask him because, I am scared that he will surely think that I am a crack who does'nt have a life. . .

    • I doubt that he would think you were a crack! I'm happy you have some relief from this situation. I think it is reasonable to ask about his well being out of concern of him. It is not a good idea to appear that you only ask out of concern for yourself.

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