Do you think he's not interested in me?

I'm 18 now and my boyfriend is 16.

I'm so confused by him and I'm assuming its his maturity level, he acts cool and then he reveals some childish restriction or awkwardness. He's my first cause he was my friend and I find out I'm his first.

We text mainly which is annoying but I tried calling once and it was stupid. I like talking in person and I'm up front more so than I thought I ever was. I do make expectations in him but then I realize he's not that experienced or anything so I drop it. H

2 months he was gone in our 3 month relationship, down in another state. HE acted upset before he left and all, and then during being gone he texted normally but then he would not text for days until I did even if I texted him normally first. I've remained consistent and not too clingy but his responses go from one night he'll text all night and be sweet and nice and then the next its all one word unenthusiastic texts.

He says I love you but never those romantic cute things he used to. he told me he missed me after I told him that but it gets good then worse and I don't understand why. I get a little worried cause it makes me feel uninteresting or something.

He never open and he's lied about small things to impress me which made me mad.

We texted a bit more lately though and well he's coming back today, well even weirder is his mother met up with me in town and invited me to come meet up with him when he got to the station. I said yeah and she was sorta buddyish with me more than ever usually she ignored me. Or made it like she was pushing me away a lot

Well I can't go due to getting horribly sick at the last moment, and well she says she'll make him contact me or something later, and when I told him I couldn't he was a bit upset acting last night but today was like "Nah you better just get focus on getting better" then he was back to short one word texts.

I've never been comfprtable in his house cause I guess I'm shy and it would be awkward and unwelcoming. Well now his mom is telling me to drop by and visit whenever and its weird.

Could this be because she knows he doesn't like me anymore and is happy about it? Or is cause they're trying to make me feel comfortable now that I stayed in a horrible long distant relationship with him for 4 months

I don't know if either of those are right, but I can't tell anymore and I haven't seen him in forever. I'm really frustrated and annoyed cause he's acting weird today and she was being really nice.

IS it nothing and I'm just dumb or what do you think?


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  • what are you doing with a 16 year old?

    • I was 17 he's actually only younger than me by a few months its weird.

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    • Well I could have said I have fantasies of statutory rape but that wouldn't be very pleasant now would it.

    • didn't you just admit that you JUST did

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  • that's hilarious

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