Should I Ask him to a hang out/ maybe a date? Help loves!

Hey guys! Um, so this guy and I went on a few dates in the begining of this year and then we kind of got distance because I didn't reall show my emotions that I liked him and because he just wanted to date. Now it is summer time and my birthday just passed and he took me out to breakfast, gave me this adorable birthday present that he worked so hard on, chilled on his car with a nice view and then he took me to the beach for my surprise party. It was really nice. I kind of realized that I don't really want a boyfriend and that I just want to date as well. It's been about 3 days since then, and he's a busy guy so we Haven't talked that much but we ran into each other and chatted, but before our breakfast thing he pursued so hard with movie ideas, dates, etc about three times after me and this guy ended. I kind of want to ask him to coffeee. Should i?

Thank you so much lovelys!


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  • Coffee is a good idea because it's totally innocent, but from what you said, he has a huge thing for you. He's just being nice and honestly, you should give a nice like that chance. I'm not saying boyfriend and girlfriend but at least show him you want to be close friends. You never know, he could grow on you.

  • Yes. Coffee is a great idea. Implies nothing, very innocent and casual, perfect.


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