When men are pursuing a relationship with a girl do they take time to consider?

When guys date a girl and are looking for a relationship, do they move slowly at the beginning to figure it out?

I met this guy on my own, we had one date. I thought we had a good connection. He asked me if I want to keep talking and I said yes and he said good.

We are talking but not a ton. The date was a few days ago, we spoke twice since. He told me straight out that he is looking for something serious. We did not do anything sexual that might screw it up.

He told a friend he is into me, and he made it sound like we would keep talking. After one date I don't expect daily contact yet...could he be thinking about things or just not like me?

The thing is, not speaking to him for a day or two makes me worried..if I don't hear from him in a day or two I am going to assume he is not interested?

We spoke a lot. Really seemed to connect, etc.


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  • I would give this a few weeks before I would decide if he was not interested.

    I can say that you can have a great first date and just not have it pan out to anything more. Most of us can have fun and connect to someone though later we realize that something is not quite there to pursue a relationship with the person. In fact, for me, I would have to sleep on it before I knew if I really wanted to date someone again. Usually right after a nice date, I would be telling myself to ignore things that deep down were bothering me. However, after sleeping on it, I would know whether I could ignore something or it was a deal breaker. Good luck.

    • We just seemed to connect very well on a deep level. We opened up to each other and spoke about personal things that usually would take weeks to have that comfort. We think very similarly. He is very blunt in stating he is looking to settle down, so I know if he isn't interested he just doesn't see me as someone he can have a future with. There are some issues but after I thought about it I realized they are not deal breakers for me. However, I don't know if he feels the same.

    • I have experienced a great connection as you describe, just a great comfort level with a man, and it can still just not develop. So, if he feels the same as you AND wants more with you, he will make the move. If he doesn't, you will have your answer.

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  • he told a friend he's into you. so yes he's into you.

    yeh he's taking it slow just to test the waters so to speak. good on him


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  • This guy is definitely into you if her told a friend he likes you. I would just keep talking to him. Maybe he was busy that week and wasn't able to talk as much? This sort of thing happens. He could also be afraid of talking too much and hurting his chances that way. It's all possible.

    I would talk to him and say you enjoyed talking with him, maybe that will bring back the communication. Plan another date as well to see him again.