Why tell me to go on a date?

So my ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for over 6 months and right now we have feelings for each other and we're right now just in the talking stage. So my best friend doesn't like the idea of him and I talking to each other because he's an EX and he was the one that broke up with me. So she's trying to set me up on a blind date with a really sweet guy and I just don't want anyone else I want my Ex since he's my first love. So I mention it to my ex and he tells me well if you want to go on the date go for it we're not exactly together so there's no reason for me to be bothered. So just go to see how it works out. I was confused when he told me that and I'm not sure why he would say that and I told him well if you go out with another girl it would bother me because I have feelings for you and he told me well we have two different mindsets. Then shortly after I told him well I'll see what I do because I don't want it to seem like I'm using him as a backup and its messed up if I do and he told me that he agrees that its messed up. So then after the conversation he decided to be extra playful with me and sweet and loving. Why is he acting that way? =/


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  • he probably isnt, but just seems like it

    he doesn't want to be with you... accept it

    and go on this date it will help you to move on


    for some reason a lot of women put stock in that first love bullsh*t, he is your EX and nothing more I know you don't WANT anyone else right now but guess what... emotions change, what you WANT will change in time.

    it will change faster and you will end up being happier if you start seeing other people. and being a caring guy who may be your ex but still wants to be your friend by the sound of things, he's suggesting the same thing because it will be good for you.

    "we have two different mindsets" you want to be with him, he doesn't want to be with you. end of the road for that option its time for you to move on. take a chance on this nice guy youve got lined up, you never know he may be your "second love" or god forbid... your soul mate


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  • I cannot believe you asked this question woman let go of that man and move on

    You only get 12 months per age why are you wasting time on someone who has dumped you in the past?

    • we have let each other go but for whatever reason we always come back to each other

  • You want to know why he comes back? Well its cause he knows you're always available for him, he comes back cause if he wants to feel loved or wanted you'll be the (no ofense) idiot who will always be there. He has no problem with you going on dates with other guys CAUSE HE DOESNT CARE! HE DOESNT ACTUALLY WANT YOU! He's just using you. He left you first so leave it that way!

    (I read your comment on Amanda2 post)

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