Is she interested in me?

Background: Both 20 in college By the way. Also this girl is really... strange so to speak. I spoke to her best friend since first grade, apparently this girl I like has NEVER dated or had a boyfriend, she just doesn't like guys or something but she's straight. Also this girl somehow found out I liked her, REGARDLESS:

Some texting convos:

Me:"... And this is why I love ya (Name)!"


Me:"...If you ever wanna hang out, let me know!..."

Her:(long response, including idea for our dogs to meet)

(she was bashing on her short height this convo)

Me: "You're not that short and your height is cute :D"




Me: We'll hang out sometime next week so I can meet your cat!

Her: Woo!

Me: Oh (her name)

Her: Oh (My name)

Me: You're wierd, that's all!

Her: WELL THANKS PAL (Possible friend zone hint? Then again she was being playful)

Her texting habits are VERY confusing btw:

-Never texts first

-Sometimes gives me a closed response. A closed response is something that you can't work off of for further conversation (Ex: ha ha yeah!)


When I pick up the conversation after a closed response, I sometimes get a lengthy or a genuine answer

And most importantly:

- If she's busy and forgets to text back... I HAVE to send another text later to get a convo going. Because she does not text first! But its the same as above, she gives genuine answers

Anyone have ideas on what's going through her head?

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One time I barely talked/txed her for 4 days cause I had something on my mind relating to her, she thought I was mad for not talking to her? I don't know if this hints at anything?


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  • I can't speak for what's going on in her head but I can make some observations. 1) She does seem to be very different. On that basis, it makes little sense to try to interpret her texts based on past experiences. 2) If she's never dated for whatever reason, don't expect her to initiate contact. She clearly is not an initiator of contact to have had so little relationship experience. 3) Her messages that you related her all have a logic of their own which is pretty unique yet make sense. This says a lot about her. If that appeals to you, than this is a good sign. 4) It takes a bit of effort to get her to open up but once she does, she really does. 5) Everything that you relate has positive connotations. I have no idea how she feels about you but she certainly doesn't dislike you or fear you. That suggests that she probably likes you.

    If you're interested in her, I suggest patience, persistence, tolerance and a spirit of adventure!

    • Don't understand your 3-5 responses. Are you saying her answers are good? as in flirty, or friendly?

      also how do you know she'll need some effort?

      and # 5... are you saying she's giving positive flirty responses. or talking about me?

      and her texting habit really makes me over think!

    • Sorry if I wasn't clear. Point 3 is like point 1; you need to learn her language. This might be difficult but I would bet that it'd be worthwhile. Point 4 you mentioned her close responses followed by long responses. I don't think that normal conversation openers are really going to apply because she probably is not that familiar with them. Don't take it to heart if she doesn't respond right away. It can take several tries. That's where the added effort comes in.

    • Point 5 is more of a sense I that I have. Her responses vary between agreeable and affectionate. Based on the other hints you provided I would bet that she doesn't respond like this to many people. I think you have reason to feel encouraged if you want to pursue this.