Should I date my Ex's sister

So yesterday at 2am I got a text from my exs sister. She's 15 I'm 16 so should I or should I just say no I find someone else

In you say yes please leave reasons if no leave reasons

Ps her sister dumped me in a fit of rage


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  • Do you like her? Do you want to date her? If no, then don't. Just follow what you feel. But do think about talking to your ex about this, it could be quite painful to her.

    • I don't like her per say we don't spend much Time together but I could end up liking her she's nice and sweet Oh and for the record my ex dumped me in a fit of rage

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    • Jup, comments like "life's a bitch" don't really show a lot of maturity on that level then. Good luck finding a girl that will put up with you dating loads of other girls then...

    • Yea so I went out with her and I think I got my own Harem

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  • You can try, but expect that your ex will be trash talking you to her sister non stop.

  • id argue don't go for anyone for a couple of years. teenage dating never works

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