Is this normal for a guy?

So I have been chatting with this guy since the 10th of this month, so it has been a little while. At first we were texting all day everyday and now he says because we talk on the phone 3-4 times a week we don't have to text as much throughout the day. Also, when we first started talking on the phone it was always a specific time, but then it was like "around the same time tomorrow?" and then last night (because we are both extremely busy this weekend) he says "i guarantee I will chat with you in the next few days, but we will talk Sunday or Monday. Sound good?" Is all of this normal. I am just worried that because he doesn't want to text as much that he is losing interest, however, when I do text him its always a long, decent response. Thanks for the help.


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  • ok, social networks such as fb, text messaging is a source of a lot of misunderstanding. Since you cannot see the other person's facial expression, you're free to imagine anything, from crazy in love, to total lost of interest. The best thing is to meet him in person and see how things go.

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