HELP!! I'm meeting his family for the first time!

I've been invited to a dinner party for my boyfriend's cousin's birthday tomorrow and apparently they're grilling steak. This will be the first time I will meet his family and of course I want to make a good impression. Me and him have not been dating for long at all (3 days) haha, although we've been talking for month now.

I’ve asked if I should bring something and he said no. I still feel a little weird coming over empty handed. Should I bring something anyways? And what? A bottle of wine? Any other ideas?

How should I dress?

What are some good things to talk about and what are things to stay clear of discussing?


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  • A bottle of red wine to go with the steaks sounds like a good choice.

    How you behave, talk, dress, ...etc. is important, but not important enough for you to "put it on" because you need to impress others around you. If you view yourself through other people's eyes, guess how many people, and how many views you have to worry about in your life ? The earlier you realiaze the adverse effects of this thinking pattern have on you, the more freedom (from things such as anxiety, depressions) you have.

    That being said, it is wise to heed general rules such as, be respectful of others' privacy, don't prob (direct or indirect) into others' private lives, if people like to talk about it, they would, even without your asking. Let's say they do, as a general rule it is wise to not get involve in other people's drama. Subjects of conversations is easy if you talk about things you have experienced, preferably something which others share similar experiences...then everyone can contribute and have a good chat. Have a good time !


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  • I think it should be pointed out that you shouldn't take anything *they* say too seriously. All families have got some individuals in them that talk offensive crap. Fact of life. You're not dating them; you're dating him. Just be polite and ignore them if they say anything you can't agree with. Just keep being general and evasive when asked until you know what you're up against. Later (when you have been dating for a while and know him and his family better) it will be easier to decide, when confronted with a subject where you have a "different opinion", if you want to be honest or rather pretend you agree with them (if that is your choice).

    Oh, and make him meet your family too, so that he knows how awkward what it feels like.

    Do I sound very negative? That is because neither my family, nor hers, is pleasant to be with.


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  • Yea you should still bring something out of respect even if he's saying no, especially if you really like this guy and wanna impress his family. I mean, it's not like he's gonna say YES, BRING SOMETHING WITH YOU...That's something you should do on your own. But make sure to find out first if they drink, and if so, you can bring a bottle of wine. Or you can bring dessert, like a box of cookies or chocolates for everyone to enjoy..Dress simple, but elegant no jeans, something a little dressy but casual..Not too revealing either so his family won't get the wrong first impression of u..

    And as far as conversation goes, don't plan too much on what to say, whatever comes up at the moment, just engage in it and have a good time. As long as you're respectful and polite, they'll like you. You don't need to tell them your ENTIRE life story, at least not yet... Have fun!

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