Hey guys, a little advice?

Recently got involved long distance in that we live in separate cities and he is also in the army (not deployed). We talk on the phone probably 3-4 times a week, but he is not a good texter ( I know he really does not like it). So last night he told me that he would talk to me when he came back from his fishing trip on Sunday and that he is sure that we will chit chat through texting in the nest few days. So we said goodnight and then I just sent him a little message "just wanted to say good night. I really like talking with you, hope its mutual ;-). hope to hear from you soon" but he has not responded yet. Normal for guys?


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  • Yes. Don't sweat it. And dont' invest a lot of time in a relationship with someone you can't physically be with.

    • Oh no, he is a ranked officer and he is stationed about and hour and a half away from me so we can see each other no problem. I am just worried about the whole texting thing. I know it seems far more important to ladies than to guys lol.

    • Yeah, it is...If you dont' hear from him in a week, you're getting the fade.

    • Sheesh I sure hope I hear from him in a week lol. We have a Skype date on Sunday night lol. Thanks for the input. Appreciate it

  • To be honest.. It could be a multitude of different reasons why he didn't respond. Basically all the reason you could possibly think of! But I suggest leaving him alone let him come to you. you already made it known that you like talking to him if he doesn't appreciate your honesty and interest you should move on. Imagine being in a relationship with this sort of behavior.


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