If you want to be with someone, but it's challenging... Do you fight for it?

General question:

If you really want to be with someone and can't stop thinking about them, but they're hot and cold. Everyone you know says move on, but you see something worth hanging on to.

Do you fight for them?

My situation:

Met this guy, talked or a month then had two wonderful dates. Kissed for hours after both. Didn't hear from him for two weeks. (I know he works 12 hours a day, so I understand) We finally Had another date planned and he stood me up. Never even said anything about it. Saw him in person a few days later he still seemed interested but claimed "he was tired and realized he forgot to answer my text" (thought it was BS, and told him I was mad etc. he said he felt like a douche)

I still want to fight. I Wouldn't normally do this with just anyone, but I can't stop thinking about him and I feel like there's something there. I want to give him a call and ask him bluntly If he's interested in me and see what happens.

Would you fight in this situation?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I would give it one last shot. But In love both side must be equal. Its like a balance. It should not be that difficult for someone to appreciate the other. Hope its work out :)


What Girls Said 1

  • I would say something is only worth fighting for if mutual love has been established. It sounds like he's trying to tell you he's not interested, in which case "fighting for it" = desperation. It's only a good idea to fight for something if you know it's there.