How do I meet guys now?

I'm 23 never kissed a guy, only online dated (first dates didn't go well) so never had a second date.

I don't get approached, I've read articles/YouTube videos all that even bought a book but don't get approached.

I'm average looking and average to a little overweight (but can't loose weight because of a medical condition) I'm happy with my weight I'm tallish 5 feet 6 and a curvy.

I'm east Indian usually like white guys but I'm willing to date Indian guys now I'm totally lowering my physical standards, didn't mean for that to sound offensive but I want to give people I'm not even attracted to a chance, but even they don't show romantic interest.

I've realized that I'm not a flirty person and I don't know to become one. The only time I've sort of flirted was back in hs when this guy who sat next to me kept feeling me up and saying things and I think I flirted back but I'm not sure.

I can flirt back if a guy starts it but I feel way to shy to start flirting out of nowhere by myself.

Now that I'm done college and don't want to date online. Where do I meet guys that want to date me?


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  • Your best bet is to just make friends who share the same interests as you.

    I think guys just need to get to know you better, so you need to just hang out and have fun. Once a guy actually knows you pretty well, he might actually start liking you and want to ask you out.

    • I do have guy friends now, but none I'm attracted to or want to date. I only befriended one guy in my life who I was actually attracted to. And then later found out he was using me to get to my friend (tells me 6 months later). And he knew I was fb friends with her not anything else didn't even know if we were that close. But I do see your point maybe be-friend guys I would want to date first and hope they like me lol sigh.

    • Well, I mean, keep an open mind. Don't just befriend guys you could only see yourself dating. Befriend guys you actually get along with. Physical attraction is an important criterion, but it's only one criterion in the long run. Lots of relationships start off shallow and fizzle because they're not good matches.

      Friends are also good, because sometimes they can introduce you to people you actually might like.

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  • go on or or Facebook or or f***

  • pics?


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  • Flirting is about being playful; having fun, light conversation with the other person and responding 'to the moment'. Try to develop this skill by being playful in mood with everyone you come across (I mean women too) - there doesn't have to be any sexual attraction or sexual angle to it, you're not aiming to get a date, just to have a fun verbal interaction. Just be reactive to what the other person is saying / doing.

    Once you get comfortable being in flirt mode you can switch it on whenever you want. You'll find guys start to be more interested, whether at work, social outings with friends etc.

  • You can meet guys anywhere because guess what guys are everywhere. Just smile and make eye contact then look away. To make it easier do what you like doing (hobbies wise) that way you meet guys who you have something incommon with, giving you two something to talk about.

    • Ya I want to try hot yoga I think quite a few guys are in that class. But no make up, greasy hair and sweat woah is that going to be attractive.. not! lol anyways do you recommend any other hobbies I can pick up?

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    • Those who don't accept you at your worst don't deserve you at your best.

    • I want to do yoga just because I like to get into hot yoga and have heard of the benefits not necessarily to meet guys that wasn't my primary reason for getting into it, I just saw it as an added benefit. I know its nice to say that if they don't like me hot and sweaty then they don't deserve me. But realistically guys want cute/hot girls and then when the initially attraction dies off then they look at what personality attributes the girl can bring to the table.