A girl needs to show some interest at early dating, true or false?

personally if I only go out with a guy once or twice and he talks to me a bit after but doesn't ask me out again and then wavers the contact, I assume he is not interested. true, or not true?

but then others say I at least need to let him know I'm interested by dropping a small text just to say hey.

but, I think if he wanted another date he would contact me? I don't like to start chasing guys until we have gone on a few dates and I know he is interested in pursuing things further.


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  • dating is about chasing and being chased its a team effort, if it's not a team effort something is wrong.


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  • Yeah, this girl I like and I know likes me is doing just that to me and its kinda making me loose interest in her. Just saying. I'm a guy. Doing that for a little while is fine but you have to show interest too! It shouldn't be one sided.

  • You've gotta show some interest.


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