When should you arrange a date after getting a number?

Ok so say I approached a girl and I talked to her for 5 minutes or so and then got her number. At what point do I arrange a date? I've heard that instead of talking to her on the phone that I should save that for the date and arrange a date after a short phone call. Or is it best to call her up and talk on the phone a few times and get to know her that way before asking her on a date?


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  • I would text (or call, I guess, depending how comfortable you are) by the end of the day, or maybe on the early side the next day (do not wait three days!) to set up a date.

    I would be inclined to text just because you don't know her that well, and saving talking for the date is a good idea.

  • soon after, no more than a few days.


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