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I've conversed with a young man for awhile now. I've stopped because I don't want to seem annoying or anything. He hasn't texted me either...I guess I should take the hint. I'm debating if, in a few weeks, I shoot him this...

Dear Leo,

I wish I could know the truth. Why we don't text anymore...why we don't even chat...why you can't give me a straight up answer when I ask to meet up.

I really enjoyed when we were you texted me "good morning" the morning after we started, & "nighty night" or "night" before we hit the hay; talking about cars, trucks & farming; the dogs; how you called me 'special' & 'Sparky'...and 'grannie' (youngin'); Thumper...definitely can't forget DD, EC, Aldean & & Austin Powers...which celebs are attractive - "Carrie is hot. The other 2 are tied for the most annoying people in the world!" One was Taylor Swift, but I can't remember the other one. (See? I'm not the only one who likes older Ha - we also talked about B.A. actors - "What's Travolta gonna do? Dance him to death? Statham takes the cake!"

Can't forget talking smack about Bowties & 'Stangs! Sassy Sassy!

Then when I didn't text ya for a few days, you texted "hey how's your Saturday?"...that was the weekend the combine was broke...

It was a pleasure getting to know you, & cracking jokes over the months. Thanks for being there when Mindy was giving me sh*t. lol :) Good luck with farming, Kollmann, school, getting your Bully, & finding a nice (looking) girl who can cook, clean, do laundry, hunt, dance & still look sexy doing it!

Nice work Patterson!

~ Charlotte


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  • DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE EVER SEND THAT TO ANYONE. While you do have good intentions, that can be done in a much quicker, to the point way. If he sees that, he will see how hard you are trying and that is not a good thing. Don't type an essay, but be firm and direct. Better done in person. I suggest you just fire off one text with the main idea "why don't we talk anymore." Say something like: "Hey seems like our schedules have been off lately, when are you free this week." Figure the rest out by being indirect during the conversation at the meet up.


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  • He doesn't need a big letter, he will probably just think of that as your plea to wanting him to come back and talk so badly. Just drop the first 2 lines and see how it goes :P

  • ...or you could just text him like you normally do. I doubt that you're texting him often enough to appear annoying. How long has it been since he last texted you?

    • couple weeks...almost a month... :(

    • then just text him saying something along the lines of: 'hey stranger, it's been a while since we last spoke. how have you been?'

      it's short, simple, to-the-point, and doesn't come across as clingy if that's what you're afraid of

    • Alright...thanks man! :)

  • That's a sweet letter...

    You deserve an explanation... People who send out "hints" are gutless ;)


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  • Yeah don't send him that, he'll think it's funny and show it to his friends as a joke. If you wanna talk to him, just say hey, and ask him what's up and if he wants anything with you. Then say you hope his summer is great so far, and wait for him to respond. That's all you needa say.

  • i think all you need to say is the first two sentences. he knows what you two spoke about, you don't need to remind might be an overload of details lol. end it with a 'hope you are well' -charlotte.

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