Tips to date a conservative Indian girl

I have met her yesterday for the first time. Haven't started dating her yet. I need tips to ask her out, and propose and to turn her on...


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  • You haven't even gone on a date and you're already seeking advice on how to propose and turn her on?

    First, work on asking her out. Be respectful of her boundaries. Be respectful of her.

    • Ummm we have been really good friends over the past two years. ..its now time to make her my girlfriend...but since she's Indian, I am scared it might break a very good friend ship

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  • first question, what's your background?


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  • I think it depends how conservative we are talking.

    If her parents are very conservative Hindu then they will probably oppose her marrying you, and she may not want to date you either. In India, conservative Hindus are not supposed to even marry other Hindus of the wrong caste and wrong background, much less marry non-Indians.

    If she is not so conservative or not Hindu, then I think the parents' opinion will still eventually matter a lot, but there is more flexibility to get on their good side.

    You would ask her out the same way you would ask out any other girl. She is most likely vegetarian, and may not drink alcohol, so keep those two things in mind.

    • Thanks for the advice. She is in America as a student. And a hindu. But open minded unlike her parents. I've known her as a close friend for two years. But a proposal is something that scares the daylight out of me

    • I would then start by asking her how she feels about you. Take things slow at first until you get a better sense of where you stand. I'm not Indian but I do have friends who are.

      The obstacles I see (and she will probably see) are her long term plans (does she plan to stay in America) and her family objecting to her being in a relationship with you. You take a risk even if she has feelings for you, as with any other girl who sees herself in a situation that won't work.

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