Why does this guy keep inviting me to stuff?

This guy who I know from college. I was in a group project with him like 3 or 4 years ago. We both didn't keep in contact after the project and he would randomly send me a message once about wishing me happy birthday with a long fb message like we were friends but we weren't. Then, I got weirded out I didn't reply. Then he texts me about 8 months later and I reply and he says oh sorry wrong person but whatsup.

Then I replied to the fb message a year later ha ha saying I didn't see the message he doesn't' reply back.

Then he invites me to another event personally a year later I don't go. Randomly wrong number texts me again a year later. Now again invites me to an event. I ask for details he says sorry he checked his fb late. Then invites me to another event I had to cancel on him last min. I said I would make it up to him with drinks. was that a date invite.. oops. Then he texts me like a few days later asking if I wanted to play some cards as his girl that is a friend's boyfriend is hosting some game thing.

This guy is about 7 years older than me.

I don't get this guys behavior /


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  • I don't get your behavior either really...

    It sounds like you're not into him, but you make always make attempts to message him back... why is that?

    • I don't know if I'm into him or not he could just become a friend if anything.

    • *sigh* you're too indecisive... you should make up your mind ;)

  • he probably thought of u, is desperate atm and wants to give you a try

    • he is desperate and thus wants to try me lol that kind of hurts

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    • I do need to get my first kiss over with maybe I should just go out with him.

    • dont get it over with that's a terrible idea. if a guy is your first kiss he shud be a good guy not a d***head

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