I catch myself thinking about him :(

I dated this one guy for almost a year when about 5 months ago he broke up with me. I was devastated for a while but I moved on. I've now been dating this new guy for almost 2 months now. I'm very happy with him and he treats me well. He makes my heart race when I'm around him and he makes me laugh. I really like him but sometimes I catch myself thinking about my ex. Not in a romantic way but I just start thinking about him. Wonder how he's doing and yada yada... I don't think I want him back but I do miss him sometimes just wanting to talk but he cut off all connections and kind of dislikes me a lot. I ruined chances of us being friends so we don't talk but we have mutual friends and he seems to be fine. I like my current boyfriend a lot and don't want to leave him but I feel guilty about thinking of my ex. I guess I just want to reconcile with him and just be able to get along... I don't know what to do... I really really like my boyfriend so I know that's there and I'm happy with him but what should I do about my thoughts? Forget them? I want to try but how? What should I do?


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  • I don't see how they are doing harm. Reconciliation to the point of friendship seems unlikely but if you're not actually worried about him or attracted at all, reminiscing about him doesn't betray your current guy. The thoughts will fade and become more infrequent with time but having the thoughts is pretty normal.

    • thank you that reassures me :)

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