Neck Kissing.. Muahh. ;b

I am so inexperienced when it comes to making out.. My boyfriend kisses my neck so I'd like to return the favor. Can you tell me how? Thank youu.(:


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  • I just kiss the neck alittle more passionately. I bite alittle but I don't know if that's where you two draw the line. I wouldn't pucker kiss it rather than treat it like a pair of lips kissing back. I don't know how to really describe it that well, sorry If biting is something you're considering then what I normally do to get by is to pick a spot and of course bite, but also suck on it alittle while I use some tongue. Be careful about location on you, its hot so you may want to move it to somewhere like a shoulder so you don't have to think to much about what cloths to wear with a hickey.

    hope this helps


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