What is it with parents never learning from their own miseries?

Parents, always going like,

"Logan! You need to go to church!"

Me: "Why, so I can listen to boring sermons that don't even follow the Bible, and have bickering disagreements with a bunch of smelly fat hypocrites who are wimpy 'nice guys' like how do you every week?"

"Logan! You need to go on to law school, you need a job that can support a family!"

Me: "Why, so I can be incredibly stressed out over money, work 50 hours a week if I get a job, have tons of debt?"

"Logan! How come you never date? We want grand kids!"

Me: "Date, so you guys can give me hell again like you did two years ago when I was interested in it? So maybe I can get married, and be miserable like you two?"

Just... why do parents try to get their own kids to have miserable, sad lives like they did? It's like they don't want them to be happy. They might have lived the standard "mold" of their generation, but if it leads to being an overweight unhappy person always arguing with your spouse, worried about money, tramping to church on Sundays for some bs to argue about, then what good was it?


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  • haha I am the opposite my family: " we got macdonalds! And movies from blockbuster!"

    me: I go to my room, eat a salad, and listen to spiritual/worship music. My parents are not religious at all, I wish we went to church!

    Also my parents kicked my ass last time I had a boyfriend because I went out all the time... they don't let me date, well they do but make my life miserable when I do so I don't. They never mention grand kids because they think I'm an idiot and couldn't care for a kid.

    • Ditto on the "make my life miserable if I try to date."

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  • Supersize it!

  • i got your back on the church thing

  • The word "naive" comes to mind when I read your question. You are clearly not old / wise enough to understand the implications of the issues you discuss here. Come back in 10 years and tell us how you feel about them. LOL.

    • My mom has threatened my dad with divorce because he let my brother buy an ugly pickup truck. (good condition, just an ugly model, because it had great crash test ratings.) Literally, they fought, and that night my mom came into my room and asked who I would go with in the divorce. I'm pretty sure my parents actually are lousy.

    • Another incident. My older brother (I'm 18, he's 20, my little brother and sister are 10 and 13) was scaring my little brother with a creepy videogame/music. It happened twice. First time I kicked a door in older bro's face, and briefly fought him, when he wouldn't quit. Got yelled at. Second time while parents were out, I told him to stop and stayed out of it. Literally woke up next morning to being screamed at by mom that I was a horrible brother and she couldn't believe I let that happen.

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