Do guys play hard-to-get... I don't get him.

I have gone on two dates with this guy that I met at work. Both dates went pretty well and we had a pretty intense make out session on the second date. We have been texting each other every couple of days and he has been initiating us hanging out but he has stood me up twice. The first time he apologized but did not give a reason why. The second time he said his brother came into town unexpectadely and he would get back to me but never did. He has been a gentleman on our dates and he texts me sweet things asking about my day and good night but I am confused as to whether he is interested or not. Is he playing hard to get or just stringing me along?


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  • Sounds like he just doesn't know what he's doing, considering your age group. Seems to me by that point a man knows exactly what he wants. -and if he's got you to himself, making out with you and such he's in the zone. Which makes me wonder why he has you asking this question in the first place...

    I think he's trying too hard to do everything right, not knowing he already has you right where he wants you, in my opinion. I think he just has priority issues and doesn't know how to read women that well.

    My suggestion for a solution? Ask him about it. Open your mouth, you might be doing him a favor by letting him know you're that interested. Like I said, maybe he just doesn't know he's got you right where he wants you. Let him know he does.

    • I guess I am just nervous to approach him because I haven't heard from him.

    • Go for it. If you continue like you are, you'll never know what might happen. Take some action to save what you want!

  • No, usually not.

    • So does that mean he is just not interested?

    • Here are the options:

      #1 He's just not that into you

      #2 He's shy/ inexperienced and overall a dork

      #3 He's an idiot.

      Either way, dump him.

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