Can I save my relationship?

This guy and I have known each other for years (were family friends). He confessed that he liked me while I was dating someone else about 3 years ago, he asked me out when I broke up with my ex multiple times but it never became serious, just a couple of casual dates. He's dated a lot of other girls since then usually very brief relationships, but we have always had chemistry. He asked me to go on a date a few weeks ago officially and I said yes, we both talked about our attraction for each other and admitted that we still have strong feelings for each other , but he also said I was a friend and he wanted to see where things went. It threw me off I didn't know how to act on our date, we went to a movie and he kept inching toward me but all I could think about was that he called me a "friend". I didn't really reciprocate, because I felt confused about what we are. I talked to him this week and he says that he doesn't know what he wants and thinks to be fair on me I should try to move on (he even cried because he said he felt bad for hurting me and dragging me along), we've been in this same place forever. I think he's bummed that I never made a move back, is there a chance to save this relationship? I really like him, and Its so hard to move on when I've liked him for 5 years, we just seem to move at turtle speed. I just feel like he's special and he's meant to be in my life.


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  • Kiss him, and you'll find out everything you need to know.

    • I would but I don't know when the time would be right, I don't want to surprise him or anything. I think the time would need to be right.

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  • I don't understand what relationship you are talking about... You've known him for years, got that. He confessed he liked you, but you were dating someone else- if you liked him back as strongly, wouldn't you have ended that other relationship to be with him? But you didn't, so he attempted again after you broke up- but you were still bouncing on and off with your ex- showing him you wouldn't be committed to him. He persisted still, finally asked you out on an official date, chemistry is strong but that isn't everything. He probably called you a 'friend' because look at how you treated him. His track record of trying to get you to be his hasn't exactly worked, so how could he suddenly feel 100% now with no trust that you won't go back to your ex again? What you are, if you're still talking- is friends. He's going turtle speed to make sure you're 100%. Possibly*.

    • I get what you're saying, but its a long story, too long to post on here... I never bounced back to my ex, we broke up and I was done with him.. The reason I didn't go for this guy when I broke it off with my ex is because he slept with one of my friends and when he found out I was single he asked me out right away, but I was kind of mad that he hooked up with her so I kept my distance. Things are different now, we both moved on from that.

    • Ohh... OK, well given this new bit of info, I think you deserve better anyways :)