Post-Date Rules - are there any?

So I went out with a guy on Friday night from an online site. First Date.

We went for coffee and desert and it lasted 3 hours. He picked me up from my place, we ate and drank, then went for a drive and sat and kissed for a while. When he dropped me home he said 'so let's do this again sometime?' and I said 'sure'.

It's now Monday and seeing as we already showed interest, does the '3 day contact' rule apply? I haven't heard from him since he dropped me off that night and I don't want to be first to text...


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  • no, no rules apply in this situation because he broke all the rules and still got a kiss out of you.

    for instance, the first date went on too long, then says he wants to do it again, two things one must never do on the first date, however, it seems like you guys like each other so id shoot him a text with something casual, like a picture of something funny and see what that leads into.

    hey, can you check out some songs for me on YouTube? messsage me for details.


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  • There are no rules in dating. All of the 'rules' you hear are from snappy advice columns in magazines that were created to sell magazines. Walk to the beat of your own drum. If you like this guy, and if he likes you, it won't matter if you call him today, tomorrow or 2 minutes after the date to see each other again. He will be thrilled!

    If he doesn't like you back and just said that to be nice, well too bad for him. He is missing out on you! On to the next one!

    I picked B because I feel he might be into you, but I think if you like him, text him. Who cares if you are first? A guy can't initiate everything. He might be afraid to make the first move. It could be possible that you both are too afraid of contacting one another in an effort to not seem needy. That's just silly.