Should I see him before I leave?

Ok. I have known of this guy for awhile, but I never talked to him. I always thought he hated me for something I never did. After he transferred I never really thought about him again. One day circumstances lead him to start talking to me and we kinda hit it off and we became friends. He helped me realize that the relationship I was in wasn't what I wanted and I was grateful for that. He told me he wanted to be more than friends so I thought, "Why not? everyone deserves a chance." He made me feel different from what I had before and to be honest it scared me. No one has ever treated me the way he did. One night he tried getting physical and I didn't want that. He kind of upset me and it upset him for upsetting me. He basically didn't want to see me after that and he said because he was worried it would happen again. He was grateful that I rejected him that night, so he thought it to be best we didn't hang out anymore but we could still talk. we really didn't talk after that though, I am leaving for college very soon and lately he told me what seems like a permanent goodbye over text message, but saying goodbye is something I prefer to do in person. If he wasn't lying to me this whole time about him caring for me than would there be a problem with me saying goodbye in person? He told me that we shouldn't see each other before I go because it would be to hard. What should I do? Any suggestions at all? Help... and damn I'm sorry for the length


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  • If he said he shouldn't see you, then I think even if you try to get together with him he will come up with an excuse to avoid it.

    Don't worry, there will be plenty of guys in college for you to meet. And who knows, maybe you might run into that guy another time.