Is this his issue and does he still care about me?

It was going perfect, he got me to trust lads and be all soppy with him and it felt so good. he's really affectionate and deep which is what I needed. We had a weekend away at his mates wedding and it was amazing, met his friends and brother, and he asked me to be his girlfriend when we were there. I was sooooooo happy. Then as soon as he lost his job, he changed, kept being on and off with me, saying one minute we should just be mates then when he saw me was all over me, cuddling and stroking me, holding hands.

On Wednesday he said cos he doesn't know where his life is leading at the moment due to losing his job, he doesn't see a future with us yet he did with his ex? (he left her over something petty, he picks at little things cos he thinks too far ahead) yet I still went over that night and he made me hold his hand in public and kept asking for a kiss so I assumed he changed his mind. I slept there and I initiated sex, it was amazing, day after he was all over me, cuddling and talking about us in our 40s, left him to go to a friends then whilst there I look on my news feed and he had changed it to single?! I felt used, couldn't stop crying for two days, he said its cos we discussed being mates last night?!?!

he kept ringing me to see if I was OK for days after, a lot of what he said made sense, he said he cared about me but with his depression its a bad mix, yet he still wanted to come over as mates and cuddle?! I said no cos itll be too hard plus were too attracted to each other so would end up having sex. We made up. But then argued online, he said something nasty so I replied saying that a guy was on his way over to sleep with me (childish I know) then he blocked me. he had said earlier that he doesn't allow himself to be happy and he ended it before he got even more attached to me, also that he misses his ex a bit. but he walked out on her after a year and a half of living together because of something petty she said?! Is his head a mess and did he block me because he was hurt that I said I was having a guy over?


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  • Yea, it sounded like you messed up his head pretty bad saying you were having that guy over.

    • before I said I was having a guy over he had already finished with me on and off though? or do you mean yeah he cares and it hurt him me saying that?

    • Yes..he still cares and that's why his head is messed up right now.

    • I don't understand why he couldn't make his mind up whether he wanted me or not and then after we finish he still cares if I meet a guy. Guys are weird.

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