How to feel better when we aren't talking?

It's stupid and I know it shouldn't happen but it does. Whenever I'm not in contact with the girl I like (texting and such) I feel down. I don't want to text her because I feel like texting her all the time even if I don't have anything to say is bad. I feel crappy though so how do I feel better?


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  • you gotta distract yourself! watch tv, go out, play sports, chill with your friends, listen to music. you have to have your own hobbies. it's OK to feel crappy. you have to learn how to find a balance between spending time with her and just being on your own. you can do it :)


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  • Be happy on your own, you can't everything you want all the time, that would spoil it.


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  • Distract yourself with something to do. Go hang with your guy friends play a video game.

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