Should I text him or wait till we see one another by chance again?

There is a guy I end up "flirtexting" with every summer, but he graduated a few years before I did, so that is basically our only means of communication. I recently saw him while he was at work, and all those old feelings hit me again.

I actually would like to make something of this. I want to be the ballsy one and make the first move since I think he hasn't ever really gotten the hint that I like him. E V E R. He seems to be clueless. which makes sense Because we didn't get to hang since he graduated.

Should I text him, or is that painfully obvious since I just saw him a few days ago? What should I say besides what's up or hows work? Or wait till I see him again by chance? thanks :)


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  • Don't ask him anything. Tell him something. Anything. "I just saw a car like yours and honked waved at it like an idiot... It wasn't you."

    Or find something hilarious/crazy to take a picture of that somehow has something to with him, or whatever and send with an explanation of why you're showing him.

    Then wait. Figure out what next based on how he responds. Does he ask how you're doing? Does he just laugh and nothing else? Does a conversation naturally take off? Just roll with it.


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  • Is there any way you can see him or are you going to wait for the "chance" to come?

    If any of your friends having a party soon, invite him there totally as a friend! Or you can make up a party, or you can ask him ti help you out, whatever he is good at.

    I hope that will work. ..

    Best of luck:)

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