Is she intereested, or playing with me.

We went out on 3 dates, I feel like its going well. I got her candy and a flower so far. But its seems like she is so busy, she hardly has time for me. I have been seeing her only on Saturdays, which is the only chance she has. She works and bad schd one to 10 pm and seems like she just doesn't have the time, and I just can't get her interested in me. She told me OK for 4th date. Though I text her and she either doesn't answer or take hours or a day to answer. I say good morning to her and nothing. Should I just look for some one else and stop wasting time.? Maybe just stop texting and see what happens?


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  • If you feel like she's not making a big enough effort then maybe you should move on...

    • Yeah but she told me her job has been insane and it will come down soon.

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  • 3 dates...good...but probably being used.

    got her candy, flower...bad

    she's busy...low interest level (IL)

    hardly has time for me... low IL

    Dating on Saturdays...bad...the only chance she has? BS!

    seems like she doesn't have time for me... low IL

    Told me OK for the 4th date...low IL...forget that!

    I text her...bad

    she doesn't answer or takes her time to respond...low IL

    I say good morning...bad

    Should I look for someone else? YES YES YES!

    Stop wasting time on girls with low interest...YES

    Stop texting? YES..delete number

    See what happens? HELL NO...its over, which you should have picked up on much earlier.

    You let this girl lead you around like a puppy dog. Snap out of it! You showed you like her way way way too much when she didn't deserve it. STOP IT!

    • She tells me she would let me know when I could kiss her, which I guess could be a bad sign right there. Even though her schd she work one to 10 pm? That kinda sucks to begin with. I kissed her cheek held her hand. Laid down on her bed. She keeps wanting to go out on dates with me though. I mean I def will look else where, but always have her in my back pocket if others fail. you know? She told me she is the slooow type from are 3rd date. I am in no rush either butt still.

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    • well 1st date she paid mini golf. 2nd date she paid for bowling. So money wise I don't think so. I really don't think there is any one else she is seeing. I mean she keeps wanting to date and suggests things for us to do. Its just weird how she communicates with me. I wanna try one last date and don't ask her out again and see what happens. She has told me she has dated a lot of ass holes in in the past, and maybe that's affected how fast she wants to go. I even went grocery shopping lol.You know?

    • Alright...but don't make any excuses for her. You need to back way way off for sure. No more texting. It's you who decides how much bull you're willing to put up with. Don't get yanked around. Date other women for sure! Good luck.