Should I contact a guy who stood me up? I have a feeling he just didn't know how to approach me afterwards

I met a guy through work, just before he moved to go work in a different town. He was recently single at the time. He was great and funny and there just seemed to be a connection between us. When he first moved there, he looked me up on a social networking site and we started instant messaging frequently. He was coming back to town for a weekend and we both talked about how we looked forward to meeting each other. He got in touch to ask me to meet him a day after he arrived. So we planned to meet, but on the day that we were supposed to meet he didn't text or call to confirm. I texted to suggest a meeting place but didn't hear back from him. I haven’t heard from him since, he is back out of town. He hasn't deleted me from the social networking site, but there is no communication. I desperately want to hear from him. What do I do? I want answers but I also feel so bad, I feel like there was something special there.


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  • NO NO NO! If he had the nerve to disrespect you by standing you up, then let that rotten apple go. Put your focus on something else right now. I know the compulsion to dwell on what you thought was special, but don't. You were fooled once, don't be fooled again. DO NOT PUT UP WITH DISRESPECT! I suggest you delete him from the social networking site because he does not deserve you as a girl friend or even as a friend. There is no good excuse for doing what he did. And yes, I know you're thinking, "Well maybe he got hurt." or "Maybe something came up." Bullsh!t Stop thinking those thoughts right now. I've been there, done that. I'm telling you from real experience, this guy is not worth your time. Move one this instant. Save yourself more doubt, disappointment, and pain. You want answers, you want to understand. Well there are no good answers. And all you need to understand is this guy does not have basic human courtesy and therefore does not deserve you at all.

    • LJHam thanks for your reply. This is very good advice. I am still so weak and with the urge to contact him. I would like to follow your advice, but will have to be strong and maybe keep really busy.

    • The trick is to stop thinking so highly of him, and start thinking highly of yourself. It's not being conceited when you require people you associate with to respect you. Tell yourself you ARE strong and that you deserve the very best.

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