Haven't heard from the girl in over a week and I'm getting worried

so I last talked to her in person on Friday a week ago and things went well at that time but nothing since then and I do have her on Facebook and tried to chat with her last week but no reply . I might see her this Saturday at the bar but not sure I can wait that long . I'm worried that she is really upset at me over some stuff , there was some rumors and such that came out the weekend I last saw her , but I wonder if its just best to play it cool and wait for an in person chance to talk to her over trying to make contact online somehow ?

and note we live in the same town just down the street from each other and go to a lot of the same places so its unusual to not see anything of her but we haven't dated were more just friends getting to know each other but I was open to dating her eventually


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  • Maybe she does not log into Facebook everyday? I know I don't anymore.. sometimes I let my friend requests build up before deciding what to do with them.

    • she does use Facebook and has internet access at her house , she accepted my friend request a couple weeks ago but I never heard anything from her on that site since then , I did see her in person a couple times after she added me , then nothing since Friday a week ago , she might be busy with work or something but I have no clue what's going on

    • I'd go maybe another week and end another message? Sometimes people just get busy.. I know I do and sometimes I forget all about the message.

    • Thanks for the BA!

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  • just have hope, she will contact you soon.


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