Should I text or wait?

I went out with a guy and he realized I didn't know how to kiss and he said he would teach me and when he dropped out we made out but he didn't make further plans . As I went home I texted him thank you he replied it was he's pleasure and he said that he needs tlo teach me how and said the next time I see him I better give him a big one . Should I text him? Or wait to see if he makes plans? And he is 4 years older I'm 20 and have never dated or anything.


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  • Lol, I think he realized that your too young from not being able to

    Kiss. Am not trying to be mean, I really think so tho.

    And no you shouldn't text him, he might think your desprate

    Leave it alone till he texts u

    Good luck


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  • Don't text him. It's going to be his choice if he wants to try again or move on to someone more experienced. Meanwhile, learn to kiss by watching romantic comedies and chic flicks :)

  • Wait.