Did I come on as clingy?

Last Monday, I went on a date with this girl, we had a good time and she texted me saying she had a lot of fun. I responded by saying, thanks for going with me you're pretty fun to be around. And we texted each other for the next 2 days nonstop. 6 days later on Saturday I texted her to see if she would want to go ice skating. She said Yesss that sounds like fun. So I responded by saying what day are you free, I'm free Wed-Fri, does that work for you?...that was the last I heard from her.

Sunday night, I jokingly texted her saying are you still alive? No response. I texted her again today (Tuesday) to see if she would still like to do anything. No answer.

Before yall start to say, this is why you should call her to see if she wants to do anything, the reason why we text instead of calling is because the past 2 weeks she's been working all day from 7am-12pm.

Did I make it seem like I was too clingy because I kept asking her when she was free?


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  • yes but you should just keep trying and take a new approach next time.


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