Old friends with benefits might want to be more?

Hey guys. Before I ultimately ask my question, I need to provide a little detail. A year or so ago, I met a guy, and we would fool around. Nothing too heavy... but it happened often. Found out he had a girlfriend during a portion, and felt weird about it. Wasn't mad at him, but I confronted him & all that jazz.

For whatever reason, I agreed to continue fooling around with him. I know I shouldn't have, but... The past is the past.

Somewhat recently, they broke up. While we haven't been talking as much as when we first met, we're texting... weekly, I'd say. A week ago, we went with some of his friends to a large music fest. Whenever we had been with friends or in public (after I found out about GF), he would NEVER act "romantically" towards me. Not even hand holding.

At this music fest, however... That wasn't the case. At first, I thought he was holding my hand because he didn't want to get separated from the group.. but then he'd offer when it was clear we'd be fine. After the fest, we all had dinner. Lots of hand holding, leg rubbing, etc. Again, I wouldn't make a big deal of this if it had happened previously... After dinner, we went to his friends' house. Lots and lots of playing around...

I'm pretty young at 17, so this may sound very childish (and honestly, it is!)... but I really do have feelings for the guy. We still don't text often at all.. Like I said, it's weekly, and only a few texts get sent.

After that fest, though.. It seemed like he was interested in starting up the friends with benefits thing again (which I'm cool with). The only reason I don't think he does, is because even after all of that, we *still* aren't texting much at all. When we do, I'm usually the one initiating, and I'm usually the one sending the last message (as in, the last message before we ignore each other, haha).

SOOOO. After all that text, we're finally here! I want to get back into our friends with benefits thing, if not more... How would you guys suggest approaching this?

tl:dr- Used to have an FWB, but then we stopped fooling around for a while. During a music fest we met up, and held hands and all that other mushy junk. I want to get back into things, but I'm hesitant, because he still doesn't reply to my texts all too often. How should I go about asking him if he'd like to restart things?


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  • Just tell him that you'd like to hear from him more at times when you're apart, and that would make you even happier to see him next time.

    Maybe he just doesn't want to seem too pushy.

    See what happens.


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