I have no idea what he is doing

I have known this guy for 13+ years. When we first met, we were both 15 and sorta just hooked up for a while but never dated. We fell out of touch due to both being in relationships for about 4 years or so. Back in November we ran into each other and I guess you can say reconnected..but we were both in not so great situations. I had a lot of things going on and he was out of work on disability and a lot of family issues going on. We still hung out and actually started dating. In February, he state that he truly liked me but can't get into anything serious due to the things going on in his life and he said he felt it was heading in that direction and didn't want to end things but he needed to sort stuff out. I wished him well and told him I hoped everything works out for him.

I didn't expect that to be the end, which turned out to he correct. I finally got a text message from him in the beginning of July just saying that he missed me and was looking through pictures and videos of a concert we went to in January together. I responded a few hours later (due to being at work) and got nothing back. Then two nights ago he texted me again, asking how I was and told me he just got home from a charity event and was thinking about me. Then nothing when I responded the next morning (I was sleeping and this time it was at 10pm).

I seriously don't know what he is doing. I honesty don't think it's a game per say, but is he slowly trying to see if I am still available/interested? Keeping me on my toes but he's still not ready? I absolutely care for him more than anything. I am just not sure what to do.


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  • I'm sorry for the delay. The situation may have changed by now. He might not have something particular in mind when he contacts you but then doesn't follow up. It's unlikely that this is casual or random but it's very difficult to say what is behind it. It seems that something in him compels him to contact you but it's not clear what he wants. I bet he doesn't know himself.

    If you want to gently test the waters yourself, you can respond to one of these messages with something like "are you okay? I'm worried that something is wrong."


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