When to text again after date?

So, I went on a date Friday (Okcupid). I thought we had a very good time judging from body language and all that, and when we had to split (rushing to make different trains) she yelled "What, I don't get a hug or anything?" I ran back, gave her a hug, and then she asked me to text her.

Monday,I texted her. The conversation went like this:

Me: Sorry, I didn't text you sooner. Some family things came up this weekend. But I just wanted to let you know I had a great time.

Her (4 hours later): That's ok! Hope everything is alright. I had fun as well!

Me (1 hour later) Nothing too serious, just busy. How was the rest of your weekend?

And then...radio silence..nothing as of 6 p.m. Monday, In the interim, she deleted her Okcupid profile. My friends insist she's just playing coy because I waited three whole days to contact her after the date. I think she's uninterested (call me a pessimist.)

Either way, I'm not really sure what to do from here. Do I even bother reaching out again? Or is the ball in her court?


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  • Call and ask her out again. We women analyze everything and will do certain things just to see what a guys reaction will be. So don't play games... if you had a great time and like this girl then why haven't you called and asked her out again? Maybe that's what she's waiting for. Who cares how the rest of her weekend went... it wasn't with you. Just sayin, lol. BTW... the ball is ALWAYS in the guys court (as far as us women are concerned). We like to see a man go after what he wants, especially when its US! ;) So don't wait another day and call to ask her out again! Good luck!


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  • here is what you should and hopefully are willing to do text her and ask her what ever you want to ask her

  • I think not so great goodbye (she had to ask for a hug..) and the 3 days no text make her feel like you are not very interested in her... you still have a chance though, ask her to a date you know she would like make it personal and tie it into something you were talking about on the first date, basically you need to show her you are serious about getting to know her and dating her, don't give up!


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  • Dude, don't text her anymore. If she wants to play games like that then she is just being stupid. If you cave in and text her again now, you'll be doing that in the future too. Make it very clear now that you are not playing games and ignore her.

  • Dude...what are you doing? Trying to throw yourself in the nice guy category with that apology bull crap? Then you give her the reasons why? Don't you know women want a guy who's a challenge, and mysterious? Call her today, and ask her out on a date for Sunday. If she doesn't answer, leave a message for her to call you.

    PS...She should have ran to hug you if she wanted one...not the other way around! Terrible, terrible.

    • ur advice sux. Women don't like games. that's YOU guys. Nice guys are HOT. We want guys who show they will make an effort to GET us... so there!

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    • Well, I"ve been on this here rock long enough to understand what drives a womans attraction. Missatlas, you keep mentioning things that mentally, and emotionally women like and don't like. I'm saying those things are not what attracts a woman psychologically. For this reason, women are very attracted to guys who display a renegade personality, similar to that of the "bad boy's", jocks, bikers, etc. In most cases they steer away from the predictable, easy going, overly nice guy momma boy types.

    • Missatlas, I've been around a lot of women, and I hate games too. Unlike many people you may know, I don't let my age spell out limitations for me. Anyway, I agree with you, though, on the man who is confident and straightforward, and who needs no mind tricks. All I've done is emphasise the point that men who do have this manly trait are the ones who are not even focused on getting women. The ones who seem so eager are those you'd probably label as dorks.