When we go out dating...

When I go out with a boy...on a date..even if it's not a date..and they want to pay my drink or order a pizza or pay anything else..and I refuse..cuz I really don't like when someone pays for me..does it hurts your manhood? We had fights for that even with my friends..i really can't get used to it,do they expect something from me when they pay? Or it's normal?


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  • To some, yeah. Only because of what theyve been force fed by social conditioning.

    I honestly don't like paying for something for a girl unless we're sleeping together. Its basically like me rewarding her for good behavior, and even then I space it out. No one eats for free here, and I don't expect to either.


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  • I'm just like you. I don't like having people pay for me. I mostly let the guy pay for the first meal, and if we end up going to the movies or getting coffee or something I would insist to pay for both of us and won't take no for an answer. Either go dutch or take turns.