Serious help for tomorrow!


So how this all started out was that junior year of high school me and this girl were friends. I fell head over heals for her, but because I treated her like a friend (girls you get what I'm saying) she would always text me but would never want to go on a "date". Eventually after countless attempts of asking her out I gave up and cut contact with her.

She then followed to text me every three/four days trying to get my attention. Anyways it never worked out between us and she dated another guy (in which I took it as she picked him over me).

All throughout senior year I ignored her and acted as if she didn't exist. Eventually I moved on.

Fast forward 2 years.

She drunk texted me the week before summer started. Me being afraid of being hurt again, I was really short with her and because she was drunk. Four weeks later I ran into her while walking my dog. It turned out she was basically gone on vacation for the next 10 weeks.

Well last night she texted me saying she wants to hang out. Couple problems here. We go to school 900 miles apart and summer for her ends on Saturday. Two she told me she's kind of dating someone. Me going basically going through a deja vu of emotions, told her that I have been seeing ms teen illinois. She flipped out and told me how she's sick of me mentioning how I can always get other hot girls. This conversation led to her confessing that she's still not "over me". She says that she wishes that we hung out at the beginning of summer before she jumped into a relationship with this guy and that it her fault that we didn't.

We have a lunch "hangout" (I don't know what the f*** you wanna call it) tomorrow. I have a ridiculous amount of emotions leading up to this lunch. I obviously after two and a half year still care deeply about her and it definitely seems the same with her. How do I approach this? What should I talk about? Is it even WORTH MY TIME GOING TO LUNCH WITH HER? If I do go on a lunch date with her do I mention how I will not stay in touch as long as she's committed?

I mean I can't fault her for wanting to be in a relationship with someone who goes to her school. But at the same time it still hurts.

Thanks lol

I mean I wanna end on a high note... but at the same time this sucks...

If I don't go to lunch with her do I just cut things off? Like block her from FB and move on with my life. Go back to my senior year state as if she doesn't exist?

But at the same time she cares about me and it be really sweet if we did end up working out.

I just wanna come to a resolution.


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  • Well how about you just enjoy the first part of your lunch hangout? Don't talk about emotions or relationships yet. Instead catch up on the last two years; what you've been doing, what you want to do, new found hobbies, etc. Then you can casually start bringing up any people you've been dating and ask her about her boyfriend. Tell her how you used to feel about her and how you feel now. Once you understand how she feels about you, explain how you want to be committed if she really likes you. If she doesn't feel that way or isn't sure she want's to be with you, tell her straight up you are not going to wait around for her.

    Best of luck

  • just catch up and get to know her, no stress:)


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