Was I too clingy, is this why she isn't responding?

Last Monday I went bowling this friend of mine who is girl I met last semester in one of my classes at school girl, we had fun and she told me to let her know if I wanted to do something next week. We texted each orher the next day about how much fun we had and what we were doing the rest of the week. towards the end of last week I guess I kinda got on this girls nerves because I asked her is she would like to hang out sometime this week. I asked her last Wednesday to let me know when she's free so we can do something fun. No answer so 5 hrs later I texted her back saying, I guess you weren't joking when you said your bad at texting. No answer. >>The next day I apologized for what I said, and I told her sorry if I've annoyed you lately, I just get excited when I meet new people that I forget that they have their own lives. She replied "haha that's totally fine, sorry I haven't texted you I've been busy." I told her that if I ever get on her nerves, just tell me to shut up. Also, have a good weekend. She said "haha have a good weekend too" >>That Sunday, I texted her, if I haven't annoyed you enough would you like to go ice skating or something this week? She replied, "yessss that sounds like a lot of fun" So I texted her saying what day are you free? Like 20 hours later still no answer, I texted her, ? >>On Monday, I texted her saying that I am free Tuesday-Friday, what day works for you?...Still no answer but everyday she's likes my tweets and Instagram pics. Was I too clingy? Is this why she isn't responding to my texts? She's the one that said she would like to hangout but she avoids telling me when she wants to...I'm confused


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  • Oh my goodness. This girl sounds like she doesn't know what she wants or she is just too nice to let you off.

    If a girl wanted to hang out or liked you , she would reply as soon as she got the chance. Same as guys would do when they like a girl. If she has time to tweet and insta, she surely has time to reply.

    She may also be playing VERY hard to get, Test her by not making contact for a while. Stop texting her altogether and see if she misses you running after her like a headless chicken.

    Hope it works out!


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  • She is playing games with you and she can't make her mind up, I think you should move on and forget about her.


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