Guys, If you're dating a girl you really like why do you still look for the next girl?

Is it because you don't want to commit to just one girl, AND want to play the field? Don't like her as much as you tell her you do? Look for one thing, and get it and move on? Or feel like you're not getting it quick enough and go for someone who gives it up easily? And if that's the case, do you stick around w that one? and why? Or is it been there done that time for the next?


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  • Well,this is hard.

    Usually, a guy would look around while dating for three main reasons.

    1) Inexperienced guys have this tendency, because they're new in the game. The haven't really learnt the ideals of committing to an exclusive relationship so they keep an eye out needlessly. Usually this isn't destructive, unless it becomes the case of (2).

    2)These are the insecure ones, who believe they have to play "the game" too. They are paranoid and scared that one day their girl may get bored and leave while they have no-one to fall back on. They do this because, most of the time, they really are boring the girl to death.

    3)These are the players. They fancy themselves too cool for one chick. They like the thrill of keeping a lot of women and hiding one from all the others.

    I have several girls I like, but I want to commit solely to only one, so I deal subtly to decide the one I really want to care for, yet I'm also careful not to lead the others on and hurt them later. Unfortunately, many guys do not feel the need for such discretion.


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  • I will only commit if we put a title to each other.

    Dating/Seeing and looking for other people IS THE POINT of dating in the first place. You jump around until you find the right one you are comfortable starting a relationship with. This logic applies to everything in life.

    College? People will switch majors if they find that their courses required for that major is a waste of time, stupid, or is just plain hard.

    Finding a profession? You try out different entry jobs before committing yourself to a career.

    Shopping for clothes? You try on different clothes before you buy them.

    Do you see where I'm getting at?

    • This answer getting down voted proves that people will hate just because they don't agree. As if a perfect world consists of people with the same perspectives. ha!

  • No.

    So far, when I've been in a relationship, it's as if my girlfriend is the only woman out there in the world. I don't even recall ever LOOKING at another woman while in a relationship. I'd talk to them, but it's as if I was talking to a male friend. Now, granted that could be that I've only dated a short amount of time, or that I haven't really been around that many women to tempt me... but so far, if I'm in a relationship, I'm not thinking of asking anyone else out.

  • I wouldn't ever do that as long as I completely trust and love my current girlfriend.

    I do want to commit to only one girl and words can't describe how much I love her.

    Women aren't just a piece of meat to ride then move on... I prefer the ones who take their time to build on the emotional side of the relationship, as then we're more likely to have longevity. Physical scenarios, even something simple as cuddles are so much more enjoyable when you both adore each other.


    • so what if you DONT completely trust and love your current lady?

    • If you lose trust with her, then you end it rather than dragging both of you into horrible scenarios. Only when I'm over that would I look for another possible love.


  • Especially as a guy, you definitely need to keep your options open in the early stages.

    A guy could waste several months 'getting to know' a girl who basically is never going to agree to get together with him. If he's developing multiple options at the same time, he hasn't wasted those months. That's just one option that turned sour.

    A more experienced guy is going to know within a few days whether a girl has potential or not, but even then he's going to keep cultivating his other options until the girl he's with becomes emotionally invested in him.

    Players are NOT usually evil guys who don't care about other people's feelings. The difference is, a player looks out for his own interests too, rather than constantly worrying about what others are thinking.

  • If I were to do that then the only reason that comes to my mind is that I didn't like her as much as I tell her I do.

    Out of the scenarios you paint out that's really the only one that comes to my mind - I can't think of another scenario.

    Sorry to say.

  • I still look at other girls while in a relationship, but I don't look for the NEXT girl while I am still in a relationship. If I am seeing a girl that hasn't yet committed to me, then I will keep looking until I have found a girl willing to make that commitment.


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