Should I ask him why he hasn't contacted me?

A guy I've gone out with a few times told me on Saturday that his phone was broken and he'd text me Sunday. He did post something yesterday on FB about how he was fixing his phone that day but he still hasn't messaged me telling me what's up or texted me.

Should I message him on Facebook asking "Hey, what's up? Let me know what's going on!" so I know what's happening? Or should I just drop it and not contact him?


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  • Yes, make the effort you obviously care about him. He's had plenty of time, but I personally even with my phone don't check Facebook that often don't freak out if he doesn't reply right away.

    Also don't "wait around" for an answer, you'll just drive yourself nuts I would. Find something to do, friends to hang out with, distractions.


What Girls Said 1

  • I agree with zdagger. What's the worst that will happen. He won't reply. The passion is in the risk. And you will at least know you tried.

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